15 Shows Worthy of Sick Day Binge-Watching

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t really fun being stuck sick at home–especially if it happens frequently. Here are fifteen of my favorite shows that help me get through sick days.


Psych is the best. A mixture of clever crime solving and ridiculous antics, it just about broke my heart when they took Psych off Netflix. No it did break my heart.



Granted this might not be a great one if you’re feeling squeamish, but there’s nothing like Bones to make a day fly by. In fact, Bones got me through my gallbladder surgery recovery this summer.




I’m not sure if Leverage is on Netflix anymore but if it is, it is definitely worth spending a sick day or five on. It combines the smoothness of White Collar with the ridiculousness of Psych.


Everybody Loves Raymond

An oldy but a goody– Everybody Loves Raymond got me through my sinus surgery recovery.


Parks and Recreation

IMG_0036I was first introduced to Parks and Rec just over a year ago and since then I have watched it and rewatched it and rewatched it again. My sisters and I basically communicate via P&R quotes now. It’s so funny it might just heal you.



The Office

Also heartwarming and hilarious, The Office is a fool-proof choice. Though some of the episodes are just too hard to watch because Michael is so embarrassing.IMG_0033.GIF


The Good Place

The Good Place is a new favorite; it’s goofy, ridiculous and hilarious just for the sake of it–so basically it’s the best. As of about a month ago when we discovered it, The Good Place has become the official Friday-night-infusion show.


White CollarIMG_0032

Clever crime solving + humour + Neal Caffrey’s face = you can’t lose with this one. I
watched White Collar when I was at my sickest with gastroparesis.


Hawaii Five-0

I started watching this show because of the pretty views of Hawaii, but I soon got sucked into it hardcore. It has made me second-guess my desire to visit Hawaii though–there’s an awful lot of crime. Especially terrorist plots it would seem.


Studio C

Studio C is a sketch comedy show on BYU TV. If you have a pretty goofy funny-bone then you’ll get a lot of good laughs from Studio C.


Downton Abbey

If you love zombie apocalypse shows, then Downton Abbey is for you. But really I got into Downton recently because I’m taking WWI Lit and Downton is one of the few shows/movies that covers the WWI time period. It’s super interesting historically–like looking at animals in a zoo. Plus Cousin Violet aka Mcgoncall is hilarious and profound at the same time.IMG_0031.GIF


Gilmore Girls

I have to admit Gilmore Girls is a hard one for me. I was watching it when I first got sick with gastroparesis and so it is tied to some rather unpleasant memories. Still, it is undeniably awesome, funny and there’s like a gillion seasons (plus the reboot show).



I once thought that there could be no better casting for Sherlock Holmes than RDJ, but IMG_0030.GIFthen Benedict Cumerbatch came along and changed my mind. Sherlock is cerebral, intense and funny (sometimes). Unfortunately it’s produced at a rate of about three episodes every three years–but don’t worry it is a British show so each episode is like a mini movie.


The Great British Baking Show

Ok don’t laugh. I am not British, nor do I particularly like to bake, but I love this show. British baking traditions are so different than American ones, it’s super interesting. Plus it’s a nice change from American baking/cooking contest where everyone is so brutal–The British Baking Show is competitive, but not contentious. Also for some unknown reason this was my niece Aiva’s favorite show when she was 3-5 months old. So funny.


Once Upon a Time

Ok so good old Once has gotten weird lately. I stopped watching a couple seasons ago. BUT the first few seasons were really good and still worth a sick day watch. The clever twist on classic fairy tales is fun and makes you a little nostalgic.


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