Things are getting real, my friends. It hit me this past Thursday, when my university announced that we’d be finishing the semester online. COVID-19 is scary. It’s especially scary for those who are at “high risk”—like me.

And since things are getting real—I’m about to get REAL. This is what I wrote in my journal yesterday:

I am, in theory, afraid of getting the virus, but I honestly can’t stay afraid for long—Josh gave me a blessing the other day and I just feel wrapped in a big warm hug of “everything’s going to be okay.” I am so blessed. Everything is crazy—and everything is going to be okay.

How can I feel so much peace right now—when so many people are freaking out? How can I still feel so happy? Because of my Savior, Jesus Christ! Because of my Heavenly Father! Because of the gift of the Holy Spirit! My Father doesn’t want me to fear! He wants me to listen—He will guide me in taking care of myself—and then trust Him. After all I can do, I will almost certainly get this virus sooner or later. With the power of God though?—whether I get it or not my Father in Heaven will keep me safe. I cannot doubt it. (End of journal entry)

My friends, let’s watch out for one another (from afar). Let’s cheerfully do everything in our power. Let’s continue to make hilarious COVID-19 memes. Let’s appreciate the thousands of precious moments we get each week.

And if we’re scared—I think that is an appropriate response to pandemics. They’re scary!

Everything is crazy. And everything is going to be okay.

Stay safe!

And mom and dad – don’t worry. I’m being careful 🙂

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