Of Ulcers and Life

Hello my friends! I know I've been neglecting you and for that I'm sorry. The funny thing is, during the summer I mostly felt crappy, and therefore didn't feel like blogging. And then so far this fall semester I've been feeling pretty great, and so haven't really felt like blogging... But here I am. Back … Continue reading Of Ulcers and Life

It’s Hard Work Being Sick

Last month my normally indomitable dad got real sick with a bad chest infection. In the first case, this man who seems to exercise just as much as he sleeps, rarely gets sick. In the second, when he does get sick he usually gets over it real fast. This time that didn't happen. He had … Continue reading It’s Hard Work Being Sick


A poem written about living with chronic illness by either a very talented five-year-old or a very mediocre 22-year-old poet. Either way the message is important despite lack of poetic genius.